Stay Safe at the Cash Machine

You can't beat automated teller machines (ATMs) for convenience and ready access to funds. Using some common-sense habits will keep you and your money safe:

  • Check out the environment as you approach the ATM, and be prepared to conduct transactions as soon as you get to the machine. If bystanders are loitering rather than conducting business, go to another machine or return later. If someone takes interest in you or your transaction, leave the area and report suspicious behavior to the police.
  • Feel along the edge of the insertion slot to make sure it hasn't been tampered with before inserting your card.
  • Keep all doors locked and other windows up when using a drive-through ATM.
  • Shield the screen and keypad with your body to prevent others from seeing and copying your personal identifi cation number (called "shoulder surfi ng").
  • Secure cash before leaving the ATM, and pay attention to activity around the machine.

If you have questions about ATM safety or fraud prevention, feel free to ask a KCU Financial Services Representative at any of our convenient branch locations.

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