Visa Debit Cards: Better Than Checks

They look like credit cards, but when members make purchases using KCU Visa Debit Cards, the dollar amounts are deducted from their Credit Union checking accounts.

Why are members reaching for their debit cards in increasing numbers?

  • Convenience:
    It's quicker to use a plastic card at a merchant than to write a check. It's also easier to track spending with a debit card than with cash - and using plastic eliminates the need to even carry cash.

  • Pay-as-you-go:
    With debit, you have the convenience of a card without carrying a loan balance or paying interest.

  • Balance caps:
    Because debit cardholders can only spend the money they have in their checking accounts, debit cards help control spending.

  • Security:
    Security features built into debit cards help merchants verify that the actual cardholder is the one using the card.

  • Cash back:
    If you use your PIN (personal identification number) for a debit card transaction rather than signing a receipt, you can request cash back at many merchant locations. The merchant will add the cash amount to your transaction total.

  • Wide acceptance:
    Debit cards are accepted at locations worldwide, while many merchants are reluctant to accept non-local checks.

Stop by one of our convenient branch locations or call our information line at (360) 662-2000 and (800) 422-5852 for information on how to begin taking advantage of a KCU Visa Debit Card.

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