Caring for Our Communities

To magnifying our mission of giving back to the communities we serve; we are thrilled to announce the launch of The KCUCares Foundation!

With our credit union's long history of working with the community and local charities, we understand the larger demands necessary to truly help our neighbors. By unifying like-minded individuals and groups, The KCUCares Foundation will have the ability to lead initiatives with the resources to make powerful change. 

The relationships we have fostered with the nonprofits' frontline workers put us in the position to have our pulse on what the true needs are for different people in our community as they are happening and as they change and evolve. 

Giving on our own as an organization is important, but as we have seen, more needs to be done.

The KCUCares Foundation

The development of The KCUCares Foundation positions the organization to unify corporation and individual donations and spearhead larger projects that will magnify what we can do for our community, turning ordinary opportunities to extraordinary ones.

The KCUCares Foundation will support our communities with a more intentional approach, focused on the three major pillars: Hunger, Homelessness, and Financial Wellness.

Our goals are to provide more affordable housing, ensure those who are hungry can receive the help they need, and improve the financial wellbeing of those who live and work in our communities.

Through collaborating with The KCUCares Foundation, individuals and businesses will belong to an organization who unites and leads them collectively to do good.

If you are a charity with specific questions or a business looking to collaborate with The KCUCares Foundation, please contact Marketing at