About KCU

Together we're making a difference

By joining your local financial co-op, you help thousands in your community every day. Every dollar you deposit, and every loan you repay, directly contributes to local community projects such as Harrison Medical Center's nursing program, Bainbridge Island's KidiMu children's museum, the Great Kitsap Give, and the community-wide food drive, Send Hunger Packing.

Your support also helps provide an average of 185 financial education classes annually through partnerships with various community organizations and local high schools.

Kitsap Credit Union was founded on the principles of people helping people, and is dedicated to building the health and vitality of our communities.

Together, we're changing the way banking is done. Not just providing the products and services you need, but by helping people achieve more financially, socially, and as a community.

Our Vision

As a strong, growing, financial cooperative, we are committed to provide financial services highly valued by our members.

Our Mission

Members joining together building stronger communities.

Our Core Purpose

To build quality relationships, provide valuable financial assistance, and empower people to achieve more.


Jim Rowson, Kitsap Credit Union - Board Chair

Jim Rowson - Chair

Retired chief financial officer for Harrison Medical Center, Jim is an active community volunteer with past board experiences encompassing several directorships with local community organizations. An inactive certified public accountant, Jim holds a bachelor's degree in business administration from the University of Washington and is a strong supporter of the cooperative movement where accomplishments are acquired and celebrated through the combined efforts of community members.

Pete Schlicher, Kitsap Credit Union - Vice Chair

Pete Schlicher - Vice Chair

Community involvement has always been a part of Pete's life. His volunteer services include roles as the past-president of the East Bremerton Rotary Club, a director and past-president of Hospice of Kitsap County, and a long-term director and secretary of the Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehabilitation Institute (CAPRI) of Kitsap County. Pete is a former vice president of Harrison Medical Center, and obtained the EA (Enrolled Agent) status with the IRS and has been working with H&R Block, managing offices and performing tax returns.

Vicki Gambrell, Kitsap Credit Union - Secretary

Vicki Gambrell - Secretary

As a manager and engineering professional, Vicki has been contributing to NAVSEA Keyport for over 30 years as project manager, technical lead, contracting officer rep., and her current role as IWS Engineering Branch manager for the Integrated Warfare Systems Department. A proud resident of Kitsap County, Vicki has volunteered and worked with several community and outreach organizations seeking to build quality and meaningful relationships while empowering the individual to reach their fullest potential.

Susan Baker, Kitsap Credit Union - Director

Susan Baker - Director

Local business owner and Bremerton native, Susan has been in the restaurant business for over 32 years and is a vigorous supporter of the power of local business and its impact on the community. As a proponent of the co-operative movement, Susan believes local, community-based financial institutions provide more than just a service, but act as cornerstones for community involvement.

Tony Bolander, Kitsap Credit Union - Director

Tony Bolander - Director

Tony is passionate about family friendships, and community. Combining his interests, he serves in leadership positions with non-profits and his local church. Prior to locating in Kitsap County, he earned a degree in Computer Information Systems and Business from Colorado State University, and has worked for several high tech and software companies, including his current position with an organization specializing in data analytics. Tony desires to lend his expertise in technology and innovation to help make it even easier to do business with the Credit Union.

Wendie Johnson, Kitsap Credit Union - Director

Wendie Johnson - Director

A Kitsap Credit Union member since 1990, Wendie is a certified public accountant with the position of controller for a local multi-specialty medical group. As a founding member of the Willow Charitable Foundation, supporting homeless teens and families locally and across the nation, and as Director, Wendie demonstrates an intrinsic connection to the credit union philosophy of "people helping people".

Carolyn Maxon, Kitsap Credit Union - Director

Carolyn Maxon - Director

A Kitsap Credit Union member for over 40 years and an active volunteer since 1986, Carolyn initially served as a member of Kitsap Credit Union's Supervisory Committee and was its chair for several years. She was elected to the Credit Union's board in 1993, where she served as chair for five years. Carolyn strives to remain current on the continually changing regulatory environment and financial issues affecting credit unions and their members. She has received numerous awards from the Credit Union National Association for her studies in the Volunteer Achievement Program.

Bob Podrat, Kitsap Credit Union - Director

Bob Podrat - Director

Bob had a fifteen year career in credit unions back East and ended his career as the President/CEO of the trade association for credit unions in Massachusetts. After moving to Washington State, Bob served on the Supervisory Committee at the former Quimper Community Federal Credit Union before serving as a director on their board. He joined the Kitsap Credit Union Board in August 2013. Bob is currently a counselor, consultant, and executive coach in Port Townsend and Seattle. He has earned master's degrees in both business administration and counseling.

Ralph Strickland, Kitsap Credit Union - Director Emeritus

Ralph Strickland - Director Emeritus

Ralph's credit union volunteerism began in 1977 as a member of the Audit Committee. He has since served in many capacities including board chair, and Supervisory Committee advisor. Ralph's commitment to furthering his knowledge, skills, and abilities as a board member is illustrated by the many awards and certifications he has received for completing various training offerings. Notably, he is a past recipient of the Washington Credit Union League's Outstanding Volunteer of the Year Award.

Shane McGraw, Kitsap Credit Union - Associate Director

Shane McGraw - Associate Director

Shane is an Air Force veteran and a successful, award-winning local business owner. He is dedicated to helping those who live and work in our community, with special focus on youth and military families. He has been an active volunteer for the Silverdale Chamber Military Affairs Committee, helps with local military appreciation events, and helps coordinate a number of youth events, such as Party at the Pier (end of school year celebration) and summer camps. Even before serving as a Board volunteer, he was a big fan of the Credit Union's brand and reputation, and he is excited to be a part of and contribute to its ongoing success.

Lanny Ross, Kitsap Credit Union - Associate Director

Lanny Ross - Associate Director

Lanny began his federal career in 1962 as an apprentice welder at the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard. Over the course of his career at the shipyard, Lanny progressed to the position of superintendent of the welding shop, overseeing more than 900 employees. He completed his federal career with the position of project manager. In addition to his contributions to Kitsap Credit Union, Lanny is active in community service with roles including region vice president of the National Active and Retired Federal Employees Association, and past president of the Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehabilitation Institute.

Gary Baker, Kitsap Credit Union - Supervisory Committee

Gary Baker - Supervisory Committee Chair

A strong proponent of community involvement, Gary believes in actively giving back, which is why he chose to volunteer his time with Kitsap Credit Union. Gary's long tenure and diverse experience with Puget Sound Naval Shipyard contributes to the mission and goals of Kitsap Credit Union where he has been a proud member since 1966.

Patricia Dibert, Kitsap Credit Union - Supervisory Committee

Patricia Dibert - Supervisory Committee

Patricia began her credit union career in 1977, and was incrementally promoted to CEO of Pittsburg Employees Federal Credit Union in California. Under her guidance, Pittsburg Employees Federal grew from two million in assets to over ten million. After retiring with 30 years of service, Patricia moved to Kitsap County and applies her expertise by serving on the Supervisory Committee as a means of giving back to the credit union movement.

Gerda Oostman, Kitsap Credit Union - Supervisory Committee

Gerda Oostman - Supervisory Committee

A strong believer in the "refreshing" credit union "not-for-profit, not-for-charity, but for-service" philosophy, Gerda is a self-professed credit union cheerleader. Her first experience with the power of giving was in elementary school, where she assisted wheelchair-bound veterans at the local VA hospital. Gerda is a VITA/AARP volunteer tax preparer, WSU Extension Program Master Gardener, and part-time bookkeeper for Oostman Engineering.

Elliot Gregg, Kitsap Credit Union - CEO

Elliot Gregg - President / CEO

A 31-year veteran in the financial industry, Elliot has held many diverse positions in banking, savings and loans, and credit unions-including the role of deputy director of the Financial Institutions Division for the State of New Mexico. Since his arrival as president/CEO in 2000, Kitsap Credit Union has realized growth of over $580,079,744 in assets with over 93,234 members served online and through 16 branch locations located in Pierce, Jefferson, Mason, and Kitsap Counties.

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