Our Supervisory Committee Members

Meet our Supervisory Committee Members

Paul Shinners - Supervisory Committee Chair

Paul has been a member of the Kitsap Credit Union since 2012 and a member of the Kitsap community since 2003. He brings a balanced background in finance, accounting, and auditing along with a Bachelor of Science in Accounting and a Master of Science in Finance from the University of Colorado. His professional endeavors have provided diverse experiences, including roles with IBM, Arthur Andersen, and Washington Mutual. He is currently employed by Kitsap Transit where he has been the Finance Director since 2004. He is an enthusiastic member of the Supervisory Committee and is excited to engage and give back to KCU, our members, and our community.

Suzanne Applegate - Supervisory Committee Secretary

Suzanne has lived in Kitsap County over 6 years and is excited to join the KCU Supervisory Committee so she can make a meaningful difference and further serve the people of this community. She holds a Master of Business Administration in Accounting and Finance from Regis University, Bachelor of Business Administration in International Business with a minor in German from Texas Tech University and certifications in internal audit, fraud, healthcare compliance, privacy compliance, healthcare internal audit and information technology infrastructure libraries. Suzanne has a background in compliance and audit and has had the opportunity to learn a tremendous amount about how businesses operate in various industries. Suzanne believes KCU is an organization that will provide a mutually beneficial opportunity to contribute her skills in addition to the opportunity to learn from a well-established community organization.

Gerda Oostman - Supervisory Committee Member

A firm believer in the credit union "people helping people" philosophy, Gerda is a self-professed credit union cheerleader. To better serve on the Supervisory Committee, she is focused on continually expanding her knowledge of the credit union industry by completing online training modules, watching webinars, attending conferences and following industry news and trends. She has been a member of the Credit Union National Association (CUNA) Supervisory Committee Advisory Board since the beginning of 2018, and more recently completed education and testing to receive designation as a Certified Credit Union Supervisory Committee member. In addition to her credit union positions, she is a VITA/AARP volunteer tax preparer and part-time bookkeeper for Oostman Engineering.

Norman Nault - Supervisory Committee Member

Norman has been a member of credit unions for over 16 years. Through his consulting firm, he provides services in real estate development, business strategy and securing financing. His primary clients include Tribal Governments and Native American businesses. He has worked extensively in financing, developing and managing low-income affordable housing. Norman is a great proponent of small businesses, employee-owned businesses and co-operatives. A graduate of University of Washington, he earned a bachelor's degree in fisheries and a master's degree in business administration.