An Elevated Business Banking Experience

As a member-centric organization, we are committed to continuously enhancing our services to make it easier for you to manage your business’s finances. And we're excited to share that we are taking bold steps to improve the user experience by streamlining navigation, tidying up page layouts, and refreshing the look for a more intuitive experience in Business Online Banking and our Mobile App. 

Rest assured, our updates come with no changes to the functionality or a reduction in the features you enjoy. Instead, our focus has been on simplifying navigation and modernizing the visual appeal of our digital banking options, so that managing your finances becomes even more effortless. We are confident that these enhancements will deliver a more enjoyable banking experience that you deserve. 

Improved Usability and Navigation

We’re regrouping functionalities and updating the names for tabs to keep the services aligned inaway that’s more intuitive. We’re also making the more frequently used services more visible and removing long drop down lists.  

Business Online Banking

Current Desktop Version

Business Online Banking

New Desktop Version

Business Online Banking

Current Mobile Version for “More” page

Business Online Banking

New Mobile Version “More” page

Business Online Banking

The screenshots are based on “Basic Services Experience Group”, your version might be slightly different if in different experience groups.

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