Payment Options

Making payments to your Kitsap Credit Union Loan.

Set your payments on cruise control with AutoPay!

AutoPay is a service within our Web Payment Center that allows you to set up FREE recurring loan payments from your savings or checking account. You can also change or cancel your recurring loan payments when it's convenient for you from your mobile device or computer.

Here's what you'll need:

  • Your KCU loan account number (this is the first six digits of your account number).
  • The last four digits of the primary borrower's Social Security Number.
  • The primary borrower's date of birth.
  • Routing number and account number for your payment account. This information is the same information that's used for direct deposits and is located at the bottom of your checks.

To set up AutoPay:

  1. From the Web Payment Center, select "Register" and follow the prompts to create your account.
  2. Set up AutoPay by entering your payment account information.
  3. Choose your preferred payment frequency, starting date, end date, and amount.
  4. Review your payment schedule, agree to the terms, and that's it!

As a member, you have convenient options for making your monthly loan payments. Here are a few ways:

From Kitsap Credit Union Savings, Checking, or Money Market:

Online Transfer: Simply transfer your payment to your loan account in online banking if they are on the same account. One time transfers or automatic payments can be set up in your online banking account. Just click the Move Money Tab and set up your transfer to repeat.

If you have a separate account number for your loan, we can link your accounts to enable you to make your loan payment as a transfer from your Kitsap Credit Union account. Give us a call to complete a Linked Account Authorization Form through email or print one out to complete, sign, and fax back to us at (360) 698-6614.

Tip: All Kitsap Credit Union loan accounts have a savings account attached. For future payments, set up direct deposit into your savings account and set up an automatic transfer from savings to your loan account in online banking.

From another financial institution:

Web Payment Center: Our trusted partnership with SWBC allows you to make a one-time payment online using a debit card, credit card *, or with your financial institution's routing number and your account number.

  • Please see our current Rate & Fee Schedule for the current Pay by Website Fee that applies to all SWBC payments.
  • To use the Web Payment Center, you'll need your member number (first six digits of your loan account number), the primary account holder's date of birth and last four digits of their social security number to log in.
  • Click here for additional information about our Web Payment Center

Tip: Using the Web Payment Center also allows you to create an account to set up free recurring payments.

Bill Pay: If you have a checking account at another financial institution, they may have a bill pay system that you can set us up as a biller to make your payment. You can make the payment payable to Kitsap Credit Union PO BOX 990 Bremerton, WA 98337 and use your six digit account number with the two digit loan suffix.

Mail: You can mail your payment to Kitsap Credit Union PO BOX 990 Bremerton, WA 98337. Make sure to include your account number in the memo line of your check or money order.

At a Branch: We can accept your payment at our branch locations. Even after hours, all locations have a night drop box you can drop your check or money order payment into. For our branch locations, click here.

* Excludes Visa credit cards