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Mobile Wallets - An Easy, Secure Way to Pay

Mobile wallets allow you to securely carry your Kitsap Credit Union debit and credit card information in a digital form on your mobile device. Instead of using your plastic card, you simply pay for your purchases with your smartphone or other mobile device.

  • It's Fast.

    No more digging for your wallet, or waiting for the time it takes to approve an EMV chip card purchase.

  • It's Secure.

    Mobile wallets are even more secure than using your plastic card because your credit and debit card information is not stored on your mobile device and the merchant does not receive the card information, only a unique secure token code for each transaction.

Many devices support fingerprint technology, such as Apple's™ Touch ID™, to authorize mobile wallet transactions, making the process even more secure.

Getting Started Is Easy.

  1. You may need to download the mobile wallet, but generally, it is already included in your device's settings. Not all versions are compatible with mobile wallets - you can check compatibility by clicking the link for your specific device below.

  2. Follow your mobile device's steps to add your Kitsap Credit Union debit and credit cards. Remember to designate your credit union card as your default by ensuring it is the first card on the list of cards you see in the mobile wallet app.

  3. Once confirmed with mobile wallet, you can make in-store purchases at thousands of merchants nationwide. Simply hold your mobile device near a payment terminal with the contactless pay symbol.

Apply Pay™ and Touch ID™ are a trademark of Apple, Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. Google Pay™ is a trademark of Google, Inc. Samsung Pay ® is a registered trademark of the Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.

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