Better Navigation and an Updated Look for Digital Banking! 

Improved Usability and Navigation

Recent member feedback and surveys indicated that we could improve the usability and navigation of our digital banking options. It’s our goal to continuously enhance and improve our services making it easier for you to manage your finances. We are excited to share that we’re doing just that with some basic navigation clean-ups, page layout tidy-ups and refreshing the look for a more intuitive experience in Online Banking and our Mobile App! 

Rest assured, there are no changes to the functionality or a reduction in the features available to you as we’ve simply streamlined navigation and provided a refreshed look to these options. 

Online Banking

Online Banking will be refreshed with a brighter, updated look that will align better with our new website. You’ll see updated tabs that group features by transaction type, improving navigation and reducing the number of clicks needed to access services 

Mobile App

You’ll notice our brighter look in the Mobile App and new feature groups on the main screen for quicker access to frequently used services that are tucked away in the “More” menu today. And speaking of the “More” menu, we’ve added new icons, helpful information, and divided the list into two columns removing the need to scroll through all of the services.

Mobile Banking Interface

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