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Our website has a new look!

This upgrade took place on January 30th. The new website has a fresh look and better navigation to deliver on these priorities.

Online Banking, the Mobile app, and your ability to access your account remain the same.

The Online Banking login will remain in the top right-hand corner of the homepage.

What changed? 

The look and navigation on our KitsapCU.org website has been updated.
(This is the area before you log into Online Banking to view your account information.)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why did you make this change?

Based on member feedback and our priorities on continuous improvement, we aim to make our website simple, fast, and easy to learn about the many products, services, and resources offered by Kitsap Credit Union.


When was the website updated?

We updated the website on January 30th, 2024


The login page looks different, how do I know this is the correct website?

Yes, the login page will look different to match the new look and feel of our website. Please ensure you are accessing the site securely by looking for the “s” in the Https:// in the url. https://www.kitsapcu.org/

Learn about additional security resources here.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will Online Banking change?

The area after your login will not be changing at this time. You’ll still have access to view your account information and manage your accounts the same way you do today. We do plan on updating the look and navigation of online banking in the near future.

What new features can we look forward to?
A few enhancements you will find are:

  • Financial calculators to help you plan.
  • Updated locations page with branch specific services.
  • Quickly and easily schedule appointments.
  • Easier, more intuitive navigation.

How do I make a payment?

Select the “Make a Payment/Auto Pay” link on the top right hand side of the homepage to find all your payment options.

I’ve stored my username and password in my browser, will my browser continue to fill in my login information?

This will depend on your computer’s browser settings. We encourage you to ensure you know your current username and password in case the new site requires you to enter it.