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To ensure optimal compatibility with our website and online banking it is recommended that your browser allows first and third-party site cookies for ( and Also, please ensure that pop-up blocker is turned off for ( and

Kitsap Credit Union aims to identify and test against the most prevalent and secure browsers in use among those users.

After reading the browser software table below, we hope our members can determine when it is appropriate to report a browser-related issue to Kitsap Credit Union call center for research and resolution, and when it may be more appropriate to suggest a browser upgrade.

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Internet Explorer
  • IE
  • IE 11 1
  • IE (latest) 1
  • Microsoft Edge (latest) 2
  • Mobile Browsers: Unsupported
  • Safari #
  • Safari 9 2
  • Safari 10 1
  • Safari 11 2
  • Mobile (latest): Supported for responsive content4
  • FireFox
  • Latest 1
  • Chrome
  • Google Chrome (latest) 1
  • Mobile (latest): Supported for responsive content 4

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  • 1 Tier 1 Supported Browser
    Kitsap Credit Union will research and record any defects reported in the browser.
    Recorded defects associated with Tier 1 supported browsers will be addressed based on severity.
  • 2 Tier 2 Supported Browser
    Kitsap Credit Union will research and record any defects reported in the browser. Recorded defects associated with Tier 2 supported browsers will be addressed based on severity. Defects associated with Tier 2 supported browsers will in general be classified as lower priority as compared to defects associated with Tier 1 supported browsers. Not all defects identified with Tier 2 supported browsers will be fixed. Within defects for Tier 2 supported browsers, higher priority will be given to defects that are related to core functionality of the product. For a better experience, Kitsap Credit Union will recommend that affected users adopt a Tier 1 supported browser.
  • 3 Testing underway. Certification will depend on usage statistics.
  • 4 Responsive Content

    Portions of Online Banking or your Web Center site may be responsive, meaning the viewable content conforms to the size of a user's browser window. If the content is marketed as responsive, the Browser Policy's Tier 1 support is extended to cover screen sizes from 320 pixels to 1170 pixels wide. Content wider than 1170 pixels will be classified as Tier 2 support while screen sizes less than 320 pixels are unsupported.

    NCR's Digital Banking Quality Assurance teams will use iPhones, iPads and Android devices for testing Mobile Safari (iOS) and Mobile Chrome (Android OS) browsers. Due to the frequency of updates for these devices, platforms, and software, the Digital Banking team will limit testing to the latest version of the browsers and operating systems. Devices used for testing will represent a few of the most popular devices on the market. While not all device/OS/software combinations can be reasonably tested for every release, the Digital Banking team will research any issues presented on devices that are currently supported by a major manufacturer, generally available, running the latest OS, and using the latest Mobile Chrome (Android OS) or Mobile Safari (iOS) software.

  • Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are released on extremely rapid release schedules. Because of this, Chrome and Firefox may release new versions of these browsers between releases of NCR's Digital Banking solutions; however, the content and functionally of these releases are highly unlikely to negatively affect NCR's Digital Banking solutions. Therefore, we will not test NCR's Digital Banking solutions against every release of Chrome and Firefox. When testing a consumer release, NCR's Digital Banking Quality Assurance teams will test the solution in the latest available version of the browser at the time of the release to ensure that the experience is optimized for that version of the browser.
  • #Safari (MAC Users only) Important note about cookies settings: By default, Safari blocks all third-party cookies from being accepted. This setting will cause parts of Online Banking, including FinanceWorks, Bill Pay and other third-party services to function incorrectly. If end users experience any issues accessing these parts of Online Banking using Safari, please verify their cookie settings by going to Safari > Preferences or by hitting the Command key plus the comma key and looking at the Privacy tab. The option for Block cookies should be set to "Never."
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer As of January 2016, Microsoft has made significant changes to their support strategy of Internet Explorer. Microsoft will now only support their latest and most current version of Internet Explorer. Microsoft will now only support their latest and most current version of Internet Explorer. What this means is that IE8 and IE9 are no longer versions of IE that will be maintained or updated by Microsoft. Security patches, bugs, enhancements will only be updated on the 'most current version' of Internet Explorer. Microsoft has elected to focus their usability and support on their main browser(s) and offers free upgrades to all users. At the time of publication, IE11 and Microsoft Edge are the only browsers being maintained by Microsoft. Based on this change to policy from Microsoft, and also due to very low usage statistics, NCR's Digital Banking will only support the most current version of IE and Microsoft Edge for Online Banking and Web Center web sites.

      Microsoft Edge
      • Microsoft Edge is the Default browser for the new Windows 10 Operating System.
      • Overall usage of the latest version as of August 2018 remains relatively low at just over 7% of total Online Banking users.
      • For this reason, we are certifying the latest Microsoft Edge browser as Tier 2. Full Tier 1 certification will depend on higher usage rates.
      Internet Explorer "Compatibility View"

      Microsoft's Internet Explorer browser has a legacy rendering feature called Compatibility View. It allows older web sites to render pages according to a legacy set of rules to better display older web pages. This mode is effective in taking old websites that are not designed according to modern web standards and rendering them in such a way that users would be able to see and access the content as the authors intended. Compatibility View can be triggered by a web page that is not standards-compliant or can be explicitly enabled by the user.

      NCR's Digital Banking designs its solutions according to the latest web standards and practices to function fully without the need for Compatibility View. Because Compatibility View is designed to render web pages that are not standards-compliant and can cause standards-compliant pages to render incorrectly, we do not support issues with our offerings related to the viewing of the pages in Internet Explorer Compatibility View. If users have Compatibility View enabled for any of NCR's Digital Banking offering and are experiencing any difficulties, the first step for remediation is to disable the feature.

  • Mobile and Tablet Browsers

    Mobile browsers are web browsers that are optimized to effectively display web content on mobile devices. Digital Banking's Refreshed and Responsive User Interface will now support smaller screen sizes, such as mobile devices. Once your financial institution releases the Responsive User Interface, your Mobile Browser Policy and Online Banking Browser Policy will become merged.

    If you have not updated to the New Refreshed and Responsive User Interface, please note that while Digital Banking products may work from a Mobile Browser, these browsers are unsupported. Instead, please refer your users to the Mobile Web Banking product for use and have your team reference the accompanying product documentation for browser support.