Donate Some Essentials, While We Shred Your Confidentials

We are proud to announce that we are partnering with LeMay Shredding to put on Shred Fests in 2024. For those who aren’t familiar, every year we partner with LeMay Shredding to bring several Shred Fests to local branches where anyone in the community can bring up to two grocery bags of personal documents to shred for free or if they would like, donate food goods or financial donations to each branch’s nonprofit of choice. The dates for the Shred Fests are:
  • Saturday, 3/16 10am-1pm @ East Bremerton
  • Saturday, 05/11 10am-1pm @ South Kitsap
  • Saturday, 08/03 10am-1pm @ Port Townsend
  • Saturday, 09/14 10am-1pm @ Puyallup 176th & Meridian
Come support a local nonprofit and keep your confidential information secure. If you want to see a Shred Fest at any of our other branches or have any questions, please reach out to David Inglish at