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5.17% APY* Limited time offer.

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Team Up For Financial Success

Kitsap Credit Union is one of the safest places to grow your money and a certificate offers a fixed rate and a guaranteed return.

Whether you want to save for an emergency fund, a vacation, or a big purchase, our certificate provides a higher rate than a regular savings account. Team up with a Kitsap Credit Union certificate and achieve your financial goals sooner! Available now for a limited time.

This extraordinary 7 Month Certificate starts at 4.92% APY*. When you bring at least $10,000 in new money and a Kitsap Credit Union Gold Checking account, you’ll earn 5.17% APY* on the total balance of the Certificate.

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* APY = Annual Percentage Yield. The promotional APY is accurate as of 4/19/2024, is a limited time offer and subject to change.

7 month certificate: $500 minimum of existing and/or new money to open account and earn base APY. $10,000 new money minimum plus Gold Checking account to earn higher APY. $25 minimum to open Gold Checking account. New Money is defined as funds not currently held in deposit accounts at Kitsap Credit Union, unless made within the last 15 days. A penalty may be imposed for early withdrawal before maturity date. Refer to the Rate and Fee Schedule or contact the Credit Union for more information.